Tempers flare after the US capture of Baghdad in 2003
American and Iraqi soldiers stand watch in Huseybah in 2005
Beirut nightlife
The children of Tha Sala, Thailand, have the most to lose as traditions give way to development from the government and big industry
Fishermen return with their catches after a day on the water in Tha Sala, Thailand
Panit, Muussin and Harit look back towards shore in a rare moment of rest in the Gulf of Thailand
Panit and Harit Hankla listen to the captain's instructions on where to lay out the nets for the best catch
Jokers wild at the Karachi Fashion show
Pakistan zindabad!
Pakistani army tanks take part in a military exercise in Bahawalpur
Victims of the 2010 floods in Pakistan
Devastation following the floods of 2010 in Pakistan
Portrait of a young Pashtun warrior
The beast is loose at an Australian rodeo
Angkor Wat
In the Buddhist temple in Singapore
A kecak dancer of Bali
The Taj Mahal
Smoking in a Himalayan mountain town
Boys play a game of carrom in Khati, India
Women work in the Indian Himalayans
Monks of Luangprabang
Sunset over the Mekong
A quiet moment in Colombia's coffee country
A young protestor faces off against the police in Bogotá
Juan David Fernandez, 16, of Bogotá, gets painted by a friend at a protest
Juan David Fernandez, 16, of Bogotá, protests against the removal of Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro
Watching over the protests
Imagery of revolution
Boys play with a makeshift soccer ball in one of Maiduguri's camps for displaced people in Northeast Nigeria
A suspicious woman in Wazir, Kenya, near the Somali border
Just for fun
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